Udemy – Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python 2019-5

Intelligence Artificial: Reinforcement Learning in Python is a new collection of video tutorials on data and analysis in the field of artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning (Reinforcement Learning) is. In this series you will learn the concept of artificial intelligence and reinforcement completely with the help of the Python programming language will be familiar. Also in this video course you like a loaded machine learning (machine learning) and deep learning (deep learning) also will be familiar. Period before you as a comprehensive course as a complete guide can help you learn artificial intelligence.

In this course, you also implement a reinforcement learning algorithm 17 to an excellent understanding of this issue you’ll find. Video collection before you as well as for people interested in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and deep learning and are provided. So you see this course will learn the necessary skills in this field.


Course content
88 lectures 08:31:53

3 lectures 11:51

High Level Overview of Reinforcement Learning and Course Outline
4 lectures 26:01

Return of the Multi-Armed Bandit
11 lectures 51:06

Build an Intelligent Tic-Tac-Toe Agent
12 lectures 01:10:41

Markov Decision Proccesses
9 lectures 01:03:41

Dynamic Programming
11 lectures 45:17

Monte Carlo
9 lectures 35:42

Temporal Difference Learning
8 lectures 24:40

Approximation Methods
9 lectures 37:37

12 lectures 02:25:17

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